Digital Transformation

Custom Application

Organizational requirements are always unique, and thus the applications too. Lorhan offers custom built applications catering to the various business needs. We offer a suite of application development services and custom solutions on various platforms which help you achieve strategic IT and business objectives. From defining your requirements, documenting specifications, developing, testing, to integrating software applications across a myriad of platforms – we cover it all.

Being a leader in this domain, we build performance-oriented, scalable, and secure applications using Java/J2EE Application Development framework. Our team can enhance the value of businesses and helping them to achieve their objectives.

Our Microsoft application development team comprising of industry certified software developers design, code, integrate, test, and deploy the software. Our .NET professionals can transform your business requirements in to robust, scalable, and secure .NET solutions.

Advanced Testing & Automated Testing

Comprehensive automated testing services by Lorhan IT

Quality assurance consulting to establish a continuous transformation strategy for Test Data Driven (TDD) and Behavior Data Driven (BDD’s)

Quality assurance governance to build the right quality analysis processes.

Quality testing services to support on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore teams with quality testing of applications with pre-set KPIs.

Continuous automated testing for establishing real-time insights into the business prospect to optimize performance.

Increased market value through early detection of system issues through advanced test-driven methods.

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Innovation and Growth

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. We have a wide experience in overland industry specific solutions such as life sciences, food & dairy, chemical, textile, engineering, and aviation.

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