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Chemical Industries:

The chemical industry is a constantly progressing field, hence developing effective strategies for a competitive advantage while focusing primarily on sustainability is vital. Lorhan’s solutions hasten the chemical industry’s processes and strides to take them a step higher.

It ensures rapid time to value chains, faster industry growth, higher profitability, greater customer satisfaction, faster time to go-live with lesser risks. Businesses can achieve this with our easily deployable flexible approach, customized solutions based on the company’s need, and improved operational excellence.

Lorhan’s difference?

LORHAN with an experience of over 200+ implementations in SAP ERP and 25+ SAP Chemical implementations becomes an evident choice when it comes to delivering speedy and quality SAP services for the chemical industries.

Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by the chemical industries helped us to reinvent the processes through Lorhan’s CHEMPRO pre-configured solution for Chemical industries. CHEMPRO helps organizations in automating business processes with seamless application management and improved visibility. Also, it adds many other optimized features for Chemical industries.

Totes Handling and Tank Trailer Handling

Helps in the better management of totes by intelligent allotment and categorization along with aid-in filling processes.

Bulk Manufacturing (with and without PI Sheet)

Faster and developed bulk manufacture of products with process instruction sheets

Active Ingredient Processing and Potency calculation

To calculate the API and Excipient quantities in BOM

Blending Process with Material Quantity Calculation

Enhanced procedures of blending raw materials with calculation using physical batch quantities

Inbound Storage Tank Management

Handles new deliveries and residue lots in a single tank to attain a homogenous batch of raw materials with unique mixing processes.

Work-in-Process (WIP) Batch

Helping in documenting the characters of a product during its manufacture and make postings for each batch for every operation.

Optimization in Repetitive Manufacturing

Optimizing the process coupled with Quality Management in the manufacturing process when similar products are manufactured that follows the same sequence of operations. The process such as pull list, backflush of components and cost object controlling can be automated.

Simplified Batch Management

To see the networks of batches from purchase orders, across production and transportation to deliveries across systems

Equipment calibration process

Test Equipment Management helps you to manage equipment data, plan and schedule inspections, and perform calibration inspections for the test equipment in your company

Loan licensing & Tolls Manufacturing process

Loan licensing and Tolls manufacturing process in SAP helps you monitor the stock positions and product manufacturing status and Quality control at your vendor location

Dangerous Goods Management

Handles Dangerous Goods transportation covering functionalities of maintaining dangerous goods regulation information, business functions, checks and balances.

Product Safety and regulations

Helps you to handle hazardous substances safely and bring them safely onto the market, and comply with all relevant regulations automatically.

Serial Number Management

Serial Number management can be used at various business procedures within logistics like production, delivery, equipment, Inventory, Goods Movement etc.

Simplified Stock Handling

SAP’s Inventory Management provides you with various tools to simplify stock handling. The different business scenarios deal with handling of Rework, scrap, blocking of materials, and also its valuation.

Vendor Evaluation & Supplier Management

Vendor Evaluation component helps you select preferred sources of supply with accurate information on prices, terms of payment and delivery thereby improving your enterprise's competitiveness.

  • Enhanced analysis of each product’s sale to estimate real-time profits.
  • Reduced costs in large scale transformation projects
  • Increased Customer satisfaction with accurate order tracking
  • Improve demand sensing and planning to achieve more timely and accurate forecasts
  • Integrated delivery management for added efficiency
  • Superior operations with quality management and regulatory compliance for smoother workflow
  • Shortened lead times at low cost with constrain based production planning
  • Fastened month-end and year-end financial reporting
  • Reduced risks by taking a proactive approach to Health and Safety Management
  • Better handling of customer complaints
  • Advanced pricing and promotion models for increasing profits
  • Safe and tested solution with minimum risks involved

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