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Empowered with SAP S/4HANA, User Experience (SAP FIORI) and Embedded Analytics, our innovation DairyPro is specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements, features and challenges faced by the food and dairy industries. It is developed to ensure a rapid influx of profits with equal priority given to the quality, quantity and efficiency of the outcome.

DairyPro is a ready-to-run, comprehensive solution for customers who intend to build a more robust and integrated operational system. It provides an end-to-end Dairy solution for SAP S/4 HANA which is easy to navigate with ready to deploy assets, artifacts, tools and system landscape complete with implementation and delivery enablers.

With our primary focus on milk procurement and payments, production, product pricing based on FAT and SNF, route sales, mass balancing, crates and cans management, profitability analysis and integration with weighbridge, RMRD and other legacy or third-party systems, Lorhan IT guides businesses in the right direction. We understand the risks and safety guidelines for a food and dairy establishment, hence, our services are aimed at the proper management of the products with capabilities which include tracking and tracing of items, finding and recalling a defective batch in process or already delivered to a customer and triggering batch-specific returns processing. Along with that, we can also track outsourced production.

Include tracking and tracing of items

Recalling of defective products in batch process

Triggering batch-specific returns processing

Bulk Milk Purchases with both Vendor and Organization pricing

Implementing S/4 HANA in enhancing milk payment calculation

Price Calculation based on Quantity and Quality Parameters like Specific Gravity

Loans and Advances with Approvals and eligibility and EMI Calculation

Nil Payments and Unclaimed Milk Process with SAP Embedded Analytics

Inward primary Freight Vendors Payments and Recoveries

Milk Procurement Reports for daily Monitoring

User Friendly Screens to view FAT & SNF for all batches

Close monitoring of shelf life

  • Building a seamless flow of information between different departments and functions.
  • Better control of the processes and leveraging advances in IT systems for business
  • Improving supply chain management functionality
  • Enhancing operations by eliminating process limitations
  • Providing timely and detailed data to support effective management decision making.
  • Changing isolated business operations into unified processes by enabling visibility and growth.
  • Replacing multiple legacy systems to ensure data integrity and consistency.
  • Creating customized modules for milk procurement
  • Designing solutions through blueprints and a global template.
  • Capturing DPU Data through milk bill and process orchestration with our milk procurement solutions
  • Using our digital FIORI apps for transaction and analytics along with an automated payments and recovery service for all purchases through VSP.
  • Growing companies through risk-free digitalized solutions
  • Reducing the time to go-live to as low as 4 months
  • Accelerating manufacture and sales.
  • Increased demand planning accuracy
  • Consistent internal and external procurement reporting
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Decreased risk of food-safety compensation payments
  • Optimal sales force operation.


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