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Textiles - Overview

Textile Industry has been one of the biggest industrial segments and has its unique challenges in sustaining year on year growth. Increasing demand and new technology has led to an innovative solution, meeting the demands of industrial applications, business applications, and Integrated & Automation of IT Solutions.

Lorhan’s difference:

Innovation, development, and optimization of processes are vital for a Textile industry to flourish and Lorhan understands it better than anyone. Lorhan brings the best technology-based solutions and services for the Textile industries to accelerate its processes and remove any traditional processes that are being followed.

With the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, Lorhan bought a few of services and solutions to ensure the business-specific capabilities becomes simpler and seamless. Primarily, Lorhan focus on providing end-to-end integration to ascertain a smoother business workflow for the Textile industries.

Cutting-edge solution for
Textile Industry


Texpro is a pre-configured solution built on SAP S/4 HANA and is designed exclusively for the textile industry. It adds the industry best practices and transforms the SAP application into a SAP Textile application. Textile industries can undergo digital transformation making their processes seamless and more efficient with our innovative solutions Texpro. It eliminates the use of assumptions and manual errors leading to a risk-free and efficient outcome. TexPro enables a better insight into the industry practices to derive accurate business decisions leading to financial growth. Being customer-centric, we empower businesses to augment the quality of products with rapid time to value and speed to value.

Bale wise tracking

Helps in bale wise tracking and planning of bale mixing process

  • Serial Number generation
  • Simplifies tracking
  • User friendly screens

Stage wise tracking

Helps to determine the WIP materails at different stages

  • Easy tracking techniques
  • WIP at stage level
  • Quick reporting

Beam wise management

Tailor made to get beam wise production traceability

  • Completely customized
  • Bean wise production data
  • 360 degree traceability

Yarn packing with Bar coding

User-friendly screens for yarn packing with bar coding

  • User friendly screens
  • 100% Customizable
  • Easy generation of bar codes

Lot tracking

Traceability of the finished product based on quality of raw material

  • Track by raw material quality
  • Track by finished product
  • Quick and easy reporting

Waste Management

Monitor wastage at different stages of manufacturing process

  • Track wastage/stage wise
  • End to end waste management
  • Ready reports

Simplified Processes

For reprocessing/ repacking & redressing.

  • Custom screens
  • Defination of quality parameters
  • Customizable options

QR/Bar Code

Identify & trace finished products with detailed specifications

  • Specifications based on product
  • 100% Customizable
  • 360 degree tracability

Carton and Pallet Making

Simplifies mass packing operations for yarn and fabric production

  • User friendly screens
  • 100% Customizable
  • Simplifies packing process

Recipe Management in Dyeing

Helps in identifying the right BOM and Operations for each SKU

  • Easy SKU/BOM Identification
  • Quick tracebility
  • Customized reports

Material Grids

Helps in planning, identification and costing decisions

  • Costing based on characterstics
  • Structured Planning Techniques
  • Easy material identification

Profitability Analysis

Helps in analyzing SKU / Product Hierarchy wise Gross Margins

  • Easy PA reporting
  • Customized screens
  • Simplified reporting options
  • Spin plans to suit Textile industry requirements
  • Ring Frame allocation features
  • Lot tracking for customer from different cotton variety
  • Roll wise management in the Knitting Industry
  • Tex-Pro solution establishes link between warp beam and grey fabric orders
  • User friendly Production and Quality Control System in dyeing and finishing with features for mass processing of Orders
  • Solution for Fabric and Garment sampling processts
  • Piece breaking features in the Cutting & Packing
  • Packing processes for carton and pallet making
  • Grey fabric packing screen for all types of packing like single roll, stitched rolls, plated bales, piece packing
  • Packing processes for carton and pallet making in the fabric dispatch sections
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payables / Accounts Receivables
  • Cash & Bank Accounting
  • Material Valuations
  • Cost Centre Planning
  • Quality reports - 4 Point systems, AQL levels, ABC analysis
  • Warehouse management for tracking for tracking of Rolls stored during despatches
  • Embedded best practices of Fashion Management System
  • Mixing Planning Screen for Textile Industry

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Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. We have a wide experience in overland industry specific solutions such as life sciences, food & dairy, chemical, textile, engineering, and aviation.

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