SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services


Establish a robust private/public cloud solution which is not only highly available, but also highly flexible and scalable to cater to unpredictable demands and inorganic growth, is a key to its successful implementation. Lorhan enables customers to focus on their business goals rather than getting entangled with infrastructure setups and management.

Migration to

Neutralize migration complexities through our sophisticated migration tools and methodologies. A phase wise migration plan with application grouping as part of this scope gives predictable and measurable results. Our migration experts bring non-disruptive, zero rollback migration capabilities while using industry leading/accepted migration tools.

Move to SaaS/COTS products

Best suited if the business process addressed by the existing application can be easily migrated to industry known SaaS/COTS products

(Lift and Shift)

This approach is best suited for applications where existing design cater the needs. Through lift and shift organization can realize quick cost savings.

Modernize (Leverage Containers & PaaS services)

Best suited where some level of code change is acceptable, or applications are already hosted on cloud and PaaS services are to be leveraged.

(Cloud Native Apps)

Best suited when the existing application has challenges in terms of performance, scalability, maintainability etc. and there is a need to re-architect / rebuild the application

Take your step towards

Innovation and Growth

Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. We have a wide experience in overland industry specific solutions such as life sciences, food & dairy, chemical, textile, engineering, and aviation.

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